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This course concentrates on the skills of Nature connection through a focuses on the skills of the Apache scout.


Scouts were the masters of survival, invisibility, tracking and Awareness. Developing the practice of stalking we seek to unfold a greater awareness and union with the natural world. By working with practical skills that increase our awareness of nature and the"life force energy" we will expand our awareness and tap our innate abilities to perceive beyond the physical.

These skills translate effectively in to our normal lives enhancing our ability to work with energy and awareness. We will teach the art of invisibility, methods of movement and camouflage that make us invisible both to animals and humans, thus allowing us to encounter more animals in nature.

Through the sacred silence, meditation we develop a dynamic way to overcome extremely challenging situations with great ease. We will study the concentric rings that any disturbance in nature creates, allowing us to sense what is moving far beyond our physical perception and learn to understand and interpret the language of birds. We will learn and practice ways that hone our ability to connect to inner vision. The latter part of the course also deals with advanced life force energy work including camouflage on the energetic level.

We recommend participants take a Wild Craft Survival course as a prerequisite in order to have some understanding of the basic

material. Participants need to have a reasonable level of fitness to attend this course.

This course can be either a 3 day or 5 day course, depending the schedule in a particular year. Please see the course list for details.

We will not be living in a fully primitive way during this  course. We encourage full participation with all activities and ask for some assistance with basic food preparation and camp duties.

Some of the skills covered:
The art of invisibility
Many diverse stalking steps
Expert camouflage
Concentric rings in nature

Scout Tracking techniques

An introduction to Bird language

The Routine of invisibility
Work with the life force energy
Scout Psychology and Awareness
Body control
Group dynamics
The scout shelter
Stalking games


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