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2022 Dates


This will be a gathering to reconnect with our Wild and Sacred Man. Together we will travel to the edge, facing the challenges where ever they arise and return in a state of self-sovereignty. We will examine and reintegrated those parts of self that have gone rogue. We will face the mystery and find the place in ourselves that can embrace the unknown. The upfront cost is £30 to cover food. Before the end of the event each man will be asked to pledge to pay what he feels the value has been for him. 




Come and join the 7 month intensive start or just take the introductory Bushcraft fundamentals course.  This includes an introduction to Nature connection, Tracking and Foraging.

This is a camping weekend in our Sussex woodland site.

This includes free lifetime access to Trackways first online survival course that is normally sold for £99.99

Wild craft weekend taken separately £270.

 As part of the 7 month intensive £2800 / £500 deposit.



Learn how to stay balanced and rest in the heart even in these difficult times. Drawing from 45 years of martial arts training and experience this course uncovers the way of the peaceful warrior. With a step by step guide to soften into your heart space, understanding the many things that we do that block us from resting in this state. So we can remember how we can undo the various knots and blocks to being our authentic self.




 20-24 May  ADVANCED SKILLS  7 MONTH INTENSIVE session two

Following on from the Wildcraft course the participants are tested by building a shelter and living in it for the duration of the course.  This includes training in Hide tanning, Flint knapping, Bow making and many other advanced survival skills. This takes place in our woodland site in Sussex.

This includes your free lifetime access to Trackways second online survival course that is normally sold for £124.99

Taken separately from the 7 month intensive £550

10-14 June Nature Connection 7 MONTH INTENSIVE session three

We will develop our understanding of the languages of nature; Reading tracks and the language of the birds, how to move within the flow to become invisible to the forest inhabitants and see more wildlife. We will Reinstate our natural connection and in the process learn to slow down in order to heal our everyday stresses.


Taken separately from the 7 month intensive £550



1-5 July Advanced skills II Quest preparation 7 MONTH INTENSIVE session four

This session involves more advanced practice with primitive living skills. Refining our craft skills and making some of the items we can take on the survival quest.


9-11 September Caretaker Earth Healer 7 MONTH INTENSIVE Session five

We will work with nature to help to return damaged areas back into balance; learning techniques that help to heal the Earth. This approach is needed now more than ever and fosters a deeper connection with the Earth allowing us to remember our original purpose as humans.  





September 30-October 4th Medicine ways Start

This begins a powerful journey of re-connection to our work with Spirit. The course teaches the core skills of Shamanism with an innate connection to nature, while revealing the science that underpins the different altered states.   Some of the teachings may be delivered on line please email to register your interest

​Deposit of £500     The total course costs £2000











October 9-15th Survival quest 7 MONTH INTENSIVE Session six

The culmination of the 7 Month intensive.  Time to test your skills in the wild.


Please email if you are interested in any of these upcoming programs or if there are courses we have not got dates for that interest you.