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This course begins our work with spirit. These teachings are the distillation of an ancient Lipan Apache lineage honed and simplified by a remarkable elder called Stalking Wolf. Stalking Wolf had a vision of finding the universal truths that run through all philosophies and religions.

Beginning to walk the shamanic path uncovers our purpose and awakens us to our vision. It turns unconscious intuitive messages in to clear two way communication.  Creating understanding out of confusion and ultimately creating the stillness required to see a true reflection of the self. 


Wilderness Spirit Philosophy I


To understand and be able to work with spirit is our birthright and these simple, yet powerful techniques, can be learned by anyone.

"Stalking Wolf would take the methods he learned and try them out in the wilderness, away from the distractions of the modern world. If these methods worked in the wilderness he would incorporate them in to his practice" Tom Brown JR

The skills taught are ways that are at the heart of Shamanic practice and we will take our first steps on the path of the Shaman. These ways provide an integrated path that has grown out of and is still rooted in a deep earth connection. The practice though encompassing the use of ceremony gives us the freedom to use our skills whenever appropriate. We open a door to a lifetime's journey of learning and exploration beyond the physical.

We will find our 'medicine place', our safe place in the spirit world. From here we can start to move in the spirit, allowing us to connect more deeply with the natural world and go beyond what we are capable of on the physical level. We will learn healing techniques of spirit and life force, working with inner vision, communication with spirit and remote viewing and spirit travel.

These spiritual skills have grown out of living in harmony with the earth and we wish to honour our earth connection in order to expand our experience into the realms of spirit in a grounded way.

We prefer participants to attend the Wild Craft Survival skills course before this course as it provides a valuable grounding in the practical aspects of living in atunement with the natural world; this allows our spirit to soar while our feet remain firmly on the ground.

The focus of this course is on the philosophy skills rather than survival.  We encourage full participation with all activities and ask for some assistance with basic food preparation and camp duties. The philosophy classes are mostly now being taught as part of the Medicine ways training. Though it is possible to take the first weekend separately which will cover these teachings. 


Wilderness Spirit Philosophy Level II part 1 & 2


For those of you who have completed the Wilderness Spirit Philosophy 1 course we offer a second course in which we move beyond the scope of the first course to create a stronger bond with the realms of spirit.

"It is within the power of the veil that grandfather found his power as a shaman. This power rested not, however, solely in grandfather's person, but in his ability to use himself as a bridge between two worlds" Tom Brown JR.

We teach more tools to work with spirit and will be working with our own journey, in partnerships and as a group.

These courses include work beyond the great veil, connecting to your spirit guides, empowering your healing skills and past and future travel.

This step puts us firmly on the path to walking the duality of flesh and spirit. We will explore in depth many areas of both the life force and the spirit that are joyous, healing and empowering. This journey also helps us to understand and recognise areas of our own darkness. We also touch the void and encounter the journey home.


Wilderness Spirit Philosophy Level III part 1 & 2


Having completed Wilderness Spirit Philosophy level II parts 1&2 you may now be ready for Wilderness Spirit Philosophy III parts 1&2. In this course we encounter a wide range of shamanic healing tools taking us beyond the range of previous courses.

We also connect with the earth as teacher. Learning from different sites powerful and profound lessons about ourselves and how to act in the face of both dark and light areas. Integrating inner and outer experiences of places of power and spirit. Building on our skills to be able to gain answers, help and healing directly from spirit and nature.

We approach an understanding of oneness that allows us to relate to our inner darkness and the darkness which we may encounter outside of ourselves.

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