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For those who want an introduction to Bushcraft skills that is accessible for their busy schedule, that will develop confidence and inspire them to venture into the out doors to give the skills a try.  

This could be in preparation for taking a weekend course, or as a way of moving from screen to outdoor adventures.

With expert tuition and the ability to review the material as often as you like a great way to dip your toe in the water. We know you will enjoy these courses so much we even offer a month long money back guarantee. Great as a gift, for the couch bound teenager, for working through with the kids or building knowledge and skill.  Available on most mobile devices the course can be taken out and viewed while on that camping trip or in the park.


Get skilled up, watch, learn and then practice, with trouble shooting tips.  

Watch the videos to see some of the skills covered:

Click the title link to go to the course and use the associated Coupon Code to get your introductory discount.

Essential guide to survival in the wilderness with nothing


To go to the course click on the course title above and for a discount of $99 use the discount code TRACKSPECIALOFFER it will only cost $65.99

This course will teach you life saving skills for outdoor survival. Just by viewing the lecture survival priorities you stand a 50% greater chance of survival, we have set it as a free lecture so this information is available to any one.

The course will inspire you to spend time outdoors and begin to learn natures secrets. With practice your experience of being outdoors will be changed forever as you feel confident connected and part of nature.

This course is based on 22 years of teaching experience, over which time Thomas has taught thousands of students and helped to establish 10 other schools teaching these skills, The course aims to give you a feeling of one to one instruction on these basic survival subjects. Shelter, water, fire, food, and an introduction to nature awareness subjects such as Tracking and natural movement or stalking. There is a large emphasis on wild edible and medicinal plants and trees also covering some of their utilitarian uses.

The course we hope will inspire life long learning in the outdoors. The material presented is usually taught over a weekend and that is quite an intense experience. We recommend watching the lectures on a particular subject and then spending some time out doors trying out the skills or downloading it to your mobile device and watching it out in nature!

There are over three and a half hours of lectures though we recommend you take your time with each subject. You will find there is enough information to keep you going with your own experiments for years.


To see some of the skills offered

watch the video:                     







Use Wild food And Medicine To Increase Your Vitality

To go to the course click on the course title above and for a discount of 50% use the discount code HALFPRICE it will only cost $49.99


This course is created for people who want to learn about foraging for wild plants, for wild edibles and medicinal use. Many plants are covered that you should be able to find in your back garden or in a near by park. This course will ground you in good collection practice and mean that you can find wild food and medicine where ever you are on the planet. Thomas has 22 years of experience both in teaching and using wild plants for food and medicine. Foraging wild food is great fun and a pursuit for all the family. Wild food has a great deal more nutritional value, minerals, vitamins and anti oxidants than even organic foods. So expect a vitality boost, and if you collect regularly it will save you money too.


We have now completed our Essential guide to Survival in the wilderness advanced course.

Click on the course title to go to the course and use the discount code: EARLYLEARN 

The course costs $194.99 but we have a special offer of £45.99 

This course covers many of the advanced skills of wilderness survival with over three hours of video, and more than thirty lectures. Please be advised that there is some graphic content as butchering and deer skinning are covered. The course covers in detail Hide tanning, flint knapping, working with bark, using bone, fire making methods for if you are injured, water purification with hot rocks, bow making techniques, water carrying baskets, and so much more.  Develop the capacity to survive in the wilderness for long periods of time with what you find in nature.

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