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Please ask us about any course descriptions listed with out dates and we can let you know up coming dates for these courses (  These days are taught by Trackways head instructor Thomas Schorr-kon who brings 25 years experience to his expert tuition. 

Please bring a packed lunch and a drink. We will provide hot drinks through out the day.  Where there is cooking we will provide food etc...but a few snacks might be a good idea.  

Please wear old clothes, warm layers or sun block and suitable foot wear. 

Let us know any dietary issues or medical conditions/allergies/ medication and or behavioural issues the young people might need us to know.

Forage, Cook, Feast


Experience wild cooking methods and learn seasonal foraged foods. Learn medicinal uses of many common plants that you might mistake for weeds. Bake camp breads and experiment with different cooking methods.  Learn what is edible at this time of year in the wild. As a bonus get a free online course Worth £75 taking you through many wild spring edible and medicinal plants.  There will be various wild harvested drinks to try as well.  The day will include wild fire making demonstration too.   Arrival information will be emailed out once you have booked.   Course time: 11am-5pm.                                                                                                        

                                        Accompanied Youth 12-16 years £35                                    Adults Cost £65




Tracking Day Introduction


Start a truly exciting adventure developing one of the cornerstones of nature awareness that is the science and art of tracking.  Imagine being able to tell direction of movement, speed of travel and head position all from a single track.  We willalso look at the capacity to read emotion and other body functions that cannot be seen with the naked eye.  The time will be split between learning and putting our tracking skills to use. Suitable for beginners to intermediate trackers.

Course time: 11am-3pm In our Sussex woodland, Park lane, near Laughton.  


    Accompanied Youth 12-16 years £25                                    Adults Cost £65


Flint Knapping Day Beginners


Make yourself an arrow head and other neolithic tools on this beginners flint knapping day. Journey back in time and discover how our ancestors made stone tools and experience the joys and tribulations of working with this local material.  All tools and materials will be provided.  Course time: 11am-3pm In our Sussex woodland, Park lane, near Laughton.  


    Accompanied Youth 12-16 years £35                                 Adults Cost £65




Nature Connection Day


This adventure day focuses on how to move through nature without disturbing the birds and animals, developing the capacity to see animal life close up and personal  in their natural state.  We will learn how to tune in to the natural rhythms of nature, and change our internal state to calm and focused entering the ‘zone’, a state of adsorption that is akin to being invisible.  We will also explore bird language, and develop our extra sensory perception. Expect a fun and moving day that develops practical steps towards deeper awareness and a feeling of oneness with nature.  Course time: 11am-3pm In our Sussex woodland, Park lane, near Laughton.  


                                            Accompanied Youth 11-16 cost £15                               Adult cost £35







Father and Sons/Children Day

Spend quality time with your boys, enjoy a fun and relaxing day sharing skills games and experiences like fire making, campfire cooking, stalking through the woods and making bows and arrows. A chance to let go of stress get away from computers and get back to old fashioned outdoor fun. 

Course time: 11am-5pm In our Sussex woodland, Park lane, near Laughton.  


                                                                  Accompanied youth 8-14 £15                  Adults cost £35



Apache Scout Day

For young people aged 8-14 years bring an adult if you like, get camouflaged up and learn and play with the invisibility skills of the Apache Scouts.   Learn silent movement, bird alarms and Apache training methods and fighting skills to expand awareness and have fun. It will be an exhilarating 5 hours.  Course duration11am-4pm. In our Sussex woodland, Park lane, near Laughton. 

                                                            Accompanied Youth 8-14 years £20         Accompanying Adult £10




Teenagers survival Day


For 13 to 17 year old's time to get of the couch and away from the computer and get in touch with some real, exciting and fun skills, from fire lighting , Archery, Martial arts, Apache scout skills, Campfire cookery and Tracking. Bring out your inner Catness Everdeen or your Indiana Johnes. Course duration 11am-5pm. In our Sussex woodland, Park lane, near Laughton. 

                                                 Teenage participant 13-17 years  £35       Accompanying Adult £20




Wild Fire making Day


Make your first fire with a bow drill, the old way.  We will also look at the different principles of fire making and different fire lays.  With some camp cooking thrown in.  Led with expert instruction and all materials provided, come and awaken that inner fire.

Course duration 11am-3pm.  In our Sussex woodland, Park lane, near Laughton. 


                                                               Accompanied Youth 10-16 years £15                Adults £35



Altered States in Nature


Simple and effective ways to tune in to Nature, learn the science behind nature connection and develop your capacity to connect with the energy that flows in and through all living things.  Grow your sensitivity and hone your focus. Gaining an understanding and  a feel for the different states you naturally move in and through on a daily basis.  With nature based meditation and Alpha breath dynamics. Course duration 11 am-4pm.  

In our Sussex woodland, Park lane, near Laughton. 

                                                                                   Youth  £20                                         Adults £55

Natural ways to work with A.D.H.D. without drugs


This day focuses on understanding the causes of A.D.H.D. and how to counteract them.  We will experiment with short simple interventions to help develop focus and calm.  Leading to knowledge of internal states that will help us manage our own state more skilfully. 

This understanding has come from work in nature with particular nature connection based skills.  Parents will need to accompany children and may want to participate in order to gain a working knowledge of the background information




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