7 Months Nature Immersion, previously: The Year course

Do you want to feel at home anywhere on the Earth, locate your life purpose, find your inner power, connect with the oneness of nature and lead others back to nature, then you are in the right place.


With the fast pace of modern life and the unprecedented rate of global change, the choice to live with purpose and connection does not seem easily attainable. We find ourselves caught up in an unsustainable socioeconomic system that seems to be failing us. We can feel and see the effects of this urging us to act, to make a difference, to become the agents of change and renewal. 

Through time in nature we can heal the dissociation and disconnection felt by so many, bringing renewal for ourselves, our communities and returning nature back in to balance in the process.

When we look to our education system and the next generations do we see young people struggling in so many ways to reconcile the demands of a modern life or young people filled with inspiration purpose and connection? 

Through the Trackways year long course we can develop our own connection and the leadership and mentoring skills to usher in this next generation. 

We will explore our inner and outer dimensions, developing connection and oneness with nature and our true nature. Through Shamanic practice and simple steps we will remember that we are all children of the Earth. We will ground ourselves in Earth living skills and expand our understanding so our spirit can soar.

Anyone can join the course with the prerequisite wildcraft class or equivalent experience. Who feels a calling to be immersed in nature, following an exceptional curriculum, with inspiring and experienced teachers. So join us for the Trackways year course. Please email your application and any questions you may have about the Trackways year course to info@trackways.co.uk. Or call us on: 07801492482 to talk through the application process. 

Who is the course for:

Those seeking personal or professional development, environmental educators wanting to deepen their connection to nature, peaceful activists, bushcraft enthusiasts, earth stewards, permaculturists, forest school leaders graduates seeking an immersive experience to ground their academic learning, those turning away from the normal routes of further education and adults seeking to live with purpose and connection. We have trained many educators and mentors now working in the U.K. and Europe.



The course:

Combining three strands of knowledge, the skills of survival, nature connection, and shamanism this course gently reintegrates us in to nature. It is akin to a rite of passage, a journey in to the heart of nature and an awakening of the nature of our heart.

The skills of survival ground us making us feel at home on the earth. They build self-confidence, invigorate creativity, inspire curiosity, expanding our naturalist knowledge and ultimately free us of the constraints of society.

Where disconnection has become an endemic way of life, Nature connection blazes a trail back to a state of oneness.  It reunites the wisdom of the ancients with modern scientific understanding. Powerfully realign our capacity to remember how to live in harmony with the earth, spirit and ourselves. Whilst also developing our experience of mentoring.

Beginning to walk the shamanic path uncovers our purpose, meaning and awakens us to our vision. It turns unconscious intuitive messages in to clear two way communication.  Creating understanding out of confusion and ultimately creating the stillness required to see a true reflection of the self. 

We will uncover how elements of Shamanism are embedded in our youth culture and the established therapeutic modalities. We will also work with the attitude of the warrior/peacemaker, while invigorating and integrating the qualities of the child.


Deepen the exploration of many of the subjects touched upon in the Wild Craft Survival skills course.  Whilst introducing a wide range of new material. The purpose of the course is to integrate the skills in to our everyday life.  This demands practice and application on as well as out side the course structures all the skills take much time to master.

Thomas Schorr-kon will be leading the majority of the course.

Having trained with Tom Brown Jr, Jon Young, Sal Glencarelle and many other mentors and native teachers. 

With over 23 years of teaching experience. The first practitioner to teach the shamanic skills of Tom Brown's wilderness philosophy in the U.K.  and also one of the first trainers of Jon Young's Nature connection skills in the U.K.  His long awaited book is now published, called: True Nature.


The year course is the start of a journey back to a place of lasting connection with the earth.  The course helps us to feel confident on our own in nature, a return to our authentic natural self.  The emphasis lies with the development of the necessary knowledge and skill base to live with the land and a sense of interconnection with the earth that we are a part of.

The Shamanic work will be integrated to assist with this, to provide the full spectrum of skills that our ancestors were familiar with. We will introduce meditation in nature, and a clear and scientific understanding of how to navigate our different states of consciousness.

The personal development and support that is experienced through being part of the group is as valuable as the skills learned. 

We cover a comprehensive range of advanced survival skills while also developing our inner resources to overcome the challenges we encounter.

This helps us to become more independent on all levels.

The skills are taught through principles which mean that they can be applied to many different situations and environments allowing the students a great deal of adaptability.

Facing the challenge of the Survival Quest builds a deep sense of self trust, knowing we can rely on our own skills.  This is a rich experience that both directs us towards living in harmony with the land and facilitates the necessary experience to share the skills. It is also a rite of passage.

There will be structured aides for studying many aspects of nature, tracking, birds, plants and animals, developing an intimate knowledge and connection with the environment. This fosters an exciting exploration of many fields of study in to the natural world that will continue for your life time.

The year course runs over 10 months allowing us to have out door experience throughout the year and to become able to be comfortable outdoors under most conditions. It is designed to address some of the questions people encounter after taking their first class. How to put these ways in to practice? How to find time to make the skills workable?


The course consists of seven meetings; three weekends, three five days sessions and a week long quest experience.  Each five day module will include a weekend.  As it is an ongoing group friendships form and a sense of community builds with skills being shared and a culture of mutual support flourishing.


The Trackways year course has been running since 2000 and is the most established course of this type in the country.  Many graduates of the course have gone on to develop their own successful schools and others are working in the field of environmental education and survival training including the Trackways team.  The Trackways instructors are all well trained and experienced teachers.

In an age where nature deficit disorder has become a recognized syndrome this course aims to encourage the participants to readdress the balance for themselves and develop the skills to lead and mentor others. This course is an invitation to bring some adventure in to our lives, learning how to spend time in wild environments to find a sense of perspective and contentment that comes from feeling at home in the great outdoors.

Some food will be provided including the evening meal on the first day and various wild food treats over the year. Other than this the courses are largely self catering so please bring food for the duration and a stove. We encourage a cooperative approach to this and will assist in making this aspect work well for everyone.  Cooking will be encouraged in and around the fire and ways of using the fire for cooking will be explored over the course.    Tea and coffee and a kettle will always be available.

(Certain modules may be open to advanced students where appropriate)


The prerequisite for the year course is Wild Craft Survival, If you are interested in the year course then please let us know as soon as possible.


To Apply

It is possible to spread the payment over the year though a deposit of £500 must be sent with the application. The total cost for the year course starting in 2017 is £2800.

Trackways also offers a program of teaching experience including mentoring and guidance for those wishing to become teachers.

Trackways is in the process of creating a second year course please contact us for details.

For dates please look on the dates or courses pages

Listed below are the modules which may run in a slightly different order depending on the start date of the year course.

 Itinerary for Year course:

With the coming year course the first two sessions are combined in to a 5 day session

First session;Session: 

This first session allows us to get to know each other and build group coherence. We will start with a Lakota sweat lodge. Building an understanding of ceremony and starting our shamanic journey.  Thomas has trained in this tradition with Sal Glencarelle who is part of the Woptura linage. 


Second  session;Wilderness Philosophy 1.  An introduction to the skills of the shaman.  These skills are innate and our birth right.  Working with a tried and tested method we will learn how to access deep states of awareness, learning how spirit communicates and how to consciously connect with spirit.  developing remote viewing and many other skills.  This is taught with in a framework that is safe and supportive.  

Third session; Weekend: Earth Healing & the Way of the Caretaker. Learning to heal the earth and return it to balance. Tracking principles and practice, Animal I.D. Awareness skills, Plant profiles, Tree I.D. and uses, Caretaking methods and practice.


Fourth Session; 5 Days: Advanced Survival skills.  Establishing a survival camp moving towards survival living. Skills covered: group shelter, advanced fire making, Traps, Awareness routines, Cooking in the fire, more cordage, plant I.D. including edible and medicinal plants. Tracking, Hide tanning, Flint knapping,  Bow making and Arrow Fletching, Bark work, Raw hide use.

Fifth session: 5 Days: Nature Awareness& Connection: Bird language, silent and invisible movement, camouflage, concentric ring study, blind fold work, balance work, tracking at speed, silent communication.

Sixth Session; 5 Days: Additional skills & Quest Preparation: We will make sure every one's skill level is up to the challenge of the quest as only a maximum of 3 items can be taken and we will try to help you make them all. (Bowl, Blanket, Knife)


Seventh session 7 Days : Survival Quest Putting your skills to the test living wild for four days.  

Year course cost £2800 


Some of the skills covered over the year course:


Flint knapping making arrow heads, wild food preparation, shelter building and living

Advanced fire methods, bow drill fire with natural cordage, axe, saw and knife use and safety, survival bow making, arrow making, fletching, tools made by fire, water purification methods, fire cooking methods,  hide tanning, raw hide work, bark basket making including water carrying baskets, bone work, the use of different bones for specific purposes, making tools from bones, use of sinew, native hunting methods, trapping, primitive pottery, Flint knapping making hand axes, knife blades & Celts, primitive food preparation including making jerky, hand drill fire method, bow making principles, snap bow, father and son bow, bow in an hour, working with pine pitch, the art of invisibility, many diverse stalking steps, expert camouflage, concentric rings in nature, the study of bird language, the routine of invisibility, scout psychology and awareness, body control,  group dynamics, the scout shelter, nature awareness, plant and tree identification, natural soaps tooth brush etc, detailed study of medicinal plant use, herbal first aid, tracking techniques, track ageing, the tracking stick, night tracking, pattern classification, pressure release studies, single track analysis, natural navigation.

To see some of the skills covered on the

survival quest watch the video:

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