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2023 dates

14-16 April/ 2-4 June/ 28-30 July/ 25-28 October

Please email us if you are interested in the Rites of passage for youth 2024.

 Applications for this program will close in February 2024. 

If you want to prove something; become the exception

Become exceptional


We will gathering as a tribe, make friends for life, be inspired to live, develop connection and meaning in nature, awakening to your spiritual self, Gain self-reliance, become a young adult, Finding your confidence, your authentic voice and your way.


These rites of passage are focused at 13-16 year old youth.

If you are feeling disconnected, alone, misunderstood, lacking engagement and purpose or are overwhelmed.Perhaps struggling with mental health issues or have fear of physical violence from peers. Then this process is for you, helping you overcome these issues and evolve towards your adult self.

You may also not feel like you fit in, be struggling with social media related issues even drug misuse, violence and body and health issues.


By working in nature with gifted and experienced mentors you will have fun, connecting with nature, and enjoy the simplicity of campfire life without devices.Nature offers positive mental regulation and we will guide you to find this for yourself for life.There will be times when your strengths will be reflected back to you, we will experience the tempering process needed to hold ourselves in high energy states.Through fireside conversations we will explore issues such as consent, social media related issues and drug misuse. We will learn how to shift into a natural inner state that is resonant with nature, where we have no thought and are fully present and aware.We will help you to meet your edges and come through these challenges.We will expose you to combative systems that help to overcome difficult situations without years of practice.


This is an authentic rite of passage. It draws on many traditions and connects us to the Earth, healing much of our experience of disconnection that exists in our society. It also has the potential to forge a lasting connection with spirit. While also tackling many of the modern issues our young people are facing.

Trackways began running rites of passage for youth in 2000 and bring a wealth of experience on all levels to this process.Trackways is one of the longest running survival and bushcraft schools in the country.Trackways have trained thousands of people, were first to teach nature connection skills in the U.K. and the created the Family camp teaching the skills to families.Thomas has been leading adults as well as youth back to themselves, through his books and the many programs he runs.In collaboration with several other exceptional men: Darren Deogee and Mark Taylor, Thomas helped to create potent men’s rites of passage for these times.


The rite of passage is about rebuilding the village, so the first and last sessions will invite the parent’s participation. This is to guide them to be able to become the skilful container that their young people need and to receive the youth on their return as young adults.

Cost: £1085 A deposit of £350 will secure a place.

This includes participation of one adult on the first weekend. 

Reduced price bursary places are available.


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