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Warrior of the heart is an exploration of the many aspects of our experience that block us from resting in the heart. 

We will explore a practice that has its roots in ancient Vedic techniques that has been freshly discovered for this scientific epoch. This simple practice can stop the mind and create more sustained presence. We will be working with a scientific overview of the main brainwave states and ways to access them when needed. 

Perhaps we are mediators, and as we leave the meditation cushion in a state of bliss we find only minutes later we have been triggered by the behaviour of those around us. We will look at how we trade these states we could be resting in the whole time for habitual reactions.  Understanding how we can move from reaction to response to choice. 


We will undo many concepts that can trap us in a life time of suffering like the drama triangle. (victim, Saviour, aggressor) and find the antidotes to each of these states. With exercises that help us to see what is causing our suffering and how to release ourselves from it.

We will connect with the capacity of the heart to hold both grief and rapture to grow the warriors tender heart.

Working with Nature we will explore how to transform grief in to praise.

How Nature is like a mirror that can reconnect us to ourselves in its capacity to elicit wonder and joy and hold us in our suffering in such a non-judgmental way.

As we come back to ourselves remembering that the primary relationship we have is with the self we become more able to meet the other with the same non-judgmental attitude and with curiosity rather than projection. 

We will discover view points and strategies that will help us with our relationships with others. An example of which is how to create a space of emotional safety, through developing our emotional sovereignty and not taking communications personally. 

We will work gently with embodied practices from various martial arts to help us understand principles that flow through many aspects of our experience. 

This develops in us the art of the peaceful warrior or peace maker increasing our capacity to be skilful and compassionate in the face of aggression. Moving beyond the need to meet aggression with force and instead meeting it with an open heart.


The weekend will be camping in our Sussex woodland and the majority of the food will be provided. Please bring snacks and let us know of any food allergies.  We encourage full participation with all activities and ask for some assistance with basic food preparation and camp duties.


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