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The course teaches the core skills of Shamanism with an innate connection to nature, while revealing  the science that underpins the different altered states. 

Drawing from ancient traditions, yet uncovering the underlying principles of working with energy and spirit.  Allowing swift access to the states of the shaman and even reaching beyond the duality. 

This course aims to help you find your own medicine. The resonant states we will be working with are natural states, that we are moving in and out of in the normal course of our lives. The course will take us from having had strange unexplained experiences to a place of conscious and directed use of these innately powerful human aspects.

 We will reclaim our birth right through connecting to our vitality, building our energy and integrating the power of mind and body.  We will connect to our inner guidance which helps us to be able to distinguish between signal and noise.

The work is both intrinsically grounded in nature, opens us to the wonder and magic of life while centring on the power of the heart.

We will also examine proper conduct for engagement with these skills.

You will need to make a full commitment to completing the whole course.

The course is focused in to five modules each consisting of five days, spread over nine months.

First session:   Intention setting and core shamanism.

 Intention setting and introduction to core Shamanism. Incorporates Wilderness Philosophy I, The focus will be on understanding the language of spirit and developing a feel for connecting with spirit and the energy of all things.  We will work to map these different aspects and the principles that govern them, so we can understand at what level we are operating. We will experience a Lakota Inipi ceremony or sweat lodge and set intentions for the course. We will be introduced to inner vision and how to use it. Working in pairs we will develop our skills in remote viewing and spirit travel.  No belief is required; instead through the exercises and the resulting experiences our perspectives may expand. We will take the work in to nature and experience the perception of nature from the place of spirit.  We will develop a safe place to work from in spirit, and start the journey of the spirit healer.

Second session: Darkness and Light:  

This session focuses on meeting your guides and spirit helpers while developing a stronger connection with your ability to work with the energy of all things.  Then exploring the dual nature of Spirit examining both the shadow and the light.  Working with fear as your greatest teacher and developing your inner warriors potential to move beyond it.  We will work with death midwifery (Known as Psychopomp) and experience ways to connect to the true power of the shaman the 'void'. Much of the material in Wilderness Spirit Philosophy II will be covered.


Third session:  Sacred Creativity.

We will develop the capacity to create objects in connection with spirit. We will  make a medicine drum and learn several medicine songs. We will also work with the sacred pipe.  Whilst developing a deeper connection to inner vision. We will come together in ceremony and take part in individual fire ceremonies.


Fourth session:  Spirit and Nature.

We will expand our connection with nature and spirit. Stilling the mind and experiencing oneness with the energy of all things.  Working with nature connection practices expanded to incorporate our understanding of spirit. Working with auras in nature and increasing our sensitivity to nature and presence. We will come in to the body and dance both with the use of blindfolds and in connection with the elemental forces. Developing our capacity to have a conversation with Nature through our connection with Spirit.  We will work with intuitive Herbalism and plant communication, Animal communication, Spirit Tracking, Shape shifting, and movement that brings us in to a state of Oneness.

Fifth session:  Earth as Teacher and Healer.

We will be working with spirit and the earth to integrate our understanding of the duality of spirit, thus moving towards spiritual oneness. We will also develop our spirit healing skills. We will also explore how to work with the past and the possible and probable futures.This last session will cover a range of spirit and energy healing modalities.  Incorporating the process of working with different Earth energies as a group through vigil and ceremony. This carries the  same capacity for insight and healing as a vision quest. Much material in this session is drawn from Wilderness Spirit Philosophy III. 


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