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One to One Coaching and Youth Mentoring



Next level Coaching

Thomas offers coaching for adults needing to move forward in their personal or business lives.  He has been coaching and mentoring people for the past 20 years and is now offering one to one sessions either face to face or over skype.

The sessions involve deep listening in order to get to the core of the situation, working together to develop strategies, to implement or just working to adjust attitudes and approaches.

Together we can help to re-engage with parts of the self that have become stuck, thus increasing your energy. 


We can work to re-envisioning your life and create new pathways to your goals. We can discover how to make what seems to be the problem show you the next step. We can learn how to deal with stress through simple methods that change your brain wave states and heart coherence.

We can refocus and find your purpose. Developing clear steps to help you move through your blockages and beyond your limitations to the next level.

Through hearing and reflecting in presence and building trust we can bring in to focus the blockage then move beyond the limitation to the next level.

 For inquiries please email Thomas at or call: 07801492482

Outside the Box Youth Mentoring

Thomas offers support for teens with Project based development, this builds trust while creating exciting projects (knife making is a favourite), and leads to connection and engagement. 


Through running Trackways for the past 22 years Thomas has mentored hundreds of students while also working with disadvantaged youth through schools projects to build self-esteem and cooperation.

Thomas has run rites of passage for many years and those who have been through that process are shining their light in the world today.

 If your youth is aged between 13-16 and is struggling with education and feels blocked or has issues to work through then mentoring could be a way through.

If your young person Is confused, at a cross roads, a school refuser, depressed, rudderless, feeling like they are stuck or has retreated to the virtual world of gaming, time in nature and working on projects could bring them back to engage with life.

Thomas works by listening with the heart and developing rapport, working with nature connection skills, martial arts and craftwork, seeking to find the young person’s gift. The work also centres on helping the young person to understand their inner landscape providing skilful means for dealing with stress and discovering solutions together.  

For inquiries please email Thomas at or call: 07801492482


Trackways have trained and mentored the teachers running :

Cultivating Curiosity

Wild Nature

Sacred Earth

Natural Pathways

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