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During the advanced survival course we will use survival skills to live in a semi-survival situation. We will build our own shelters, forage for food and make tools needed for longer-term survival.


We will have the opportunity to put in to practice the lessons of the wild craft primitive survival skills course and practice some modifications to the simple survival skills to enhance their effectiveness.

Participants need to have a reasonable level of fitness to attend this class. Please bring food to cook communally in the evenings and provide for your selves for breckfast and lunch. 


The wild craft survival course is a pre requisite for this course. This course is also run as part of the year course.


We encourage full participation with all activities and ask for some assistance with basic food preparation and camp duties. 

You will also get our new online course free: Essential guide to wilderness survival advanced click on the course title to go to our online courses page. 


Some of the skills covered:                  Watch the video to see some of the skills covered on this course:


Flint knapping making arrow heads
Wild food preparation
Shelter building and living
Advanced fire methods

Survival bow making
Arrow making
Tools made by fire
Introduction to hide tanning
Bark baskets
Bone work
Native hunting methods
Primitive pottery



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