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The Nature Connection course introduces us to many ways to deepen our conversation with Nature.  We will develop several aspects of nature communication, learning to read these natural languages.


By returning to a natural state of mind and moving within the flow of nature we can increase the number of close animal encounters we experience on a daily basis.  This in itself is quite a revelation for most students.


These encounters fill us with joy and rapture increasing our appetite for life.  We even find that as these skills are practised we can bring the forest state of mind into urban environments, helping us to stay connected and calm.


Many of the nature connection skills have been passed down from the Apache scouts who were the masters of survival, invisibility, tracking and Awareness.


They understood that the birds are the alarm system of the forest, so by learning their behaviour and language we stop alerting all the other creatures of our approach.  We can also read the warnings of others approach and become able to read others peoples state of mind by how the birds react to them.  We even learn how to move through environments with large dangerous predators able to know if they are close or not.

Tracking starts with simple identification of species, and then it takes us deeper in to uncovering the natural mysteries that surround us. We can learn to read tracks like a language of movement both external and internal. Until it is as if we can see the animal we are tracking, revealed in its tracks.

It provides us with the core tools of building awareness and a is natural form of inquiry in to the mysteries of life. Using this method we become able to unravel even the most complex natural mysteries.


We will experiment with altered states in nature learning quick and efficient methods of dropping into the resonance of nature.  Through clear and simple scientific explanation we will understand what is taking place. This practice reveals an experience of oneness with nature.

If we simply want to remove stress from our lives and find real practices that help calm and centre us through these turbulent times then this course will help.  

The course will help focus our attention on to what is fruitful to direct our attention to in nature, moving from looking to seeing and deepening our capacity to listen.


This course will be camping in our Sussex woodland. Evening meals will be provided. Please bring food for breakfast and lunches and let us know of any food allergies.  

We encourage full participation with all activities and ask for some assistance with basic food preparation and camp duties.


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