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We will be working with four main areas:

Moving in harmony with nature to become invisible;

Understanding the language of birds;

Reading and interpreting tracks, the language of the Earth;

Connecting with the variety of edible and medicinal plants and trees;

By returning to a natural state of mind and moving within the flow of nature we can increase the number of close animal encounters we experience on a daily basis.  These encounters fill us with joy and rapture increasing our appetite for life.  We even find that as these skills are practised we can bring the forest state of mind in to even urban environments, helping us to stay connected and calm.

The birds are the alarm system of the forest, so by understanding their behaviour and language we stop alerting all the other creatures of our approach.  We can also read the warnings of others approach and become able to read others peoples state of mind by how the birds react to them.  We even learn how to move through environments with large predators able to know if they are close or not.

Tracking starts with simple identification of species, and then it takes us deeper in to uncovering the natural mysteries that surround us. We can learn to read tracks like a language of movement both external and internal. It provides us with the core tools of building awareness and a natural form of inquiry in to the mysteries of life. We become able to unravel even the most complex mysteries.

By being introduced to edible and medicinal plants and trees we start to see the landscape differently. Not as a visitor or alien but more as a native. We realise the powerful healing capacity for many so called weeds.   Becoming skilled at finding medicines directly from nature for ordinary situations that we encounter and become able to rely on what we find in nature to cure simple and complex conditions. We form connections with certain plants and when we come across them in other countries we feel a kinship and sense of belonging.


The first course is eye opening even though we are looking at the basic level of these skills. The subsequent courses take us deeper in to each of these areas of experience and study. Building our excitement and thirst for knowledge. We become able to learn directly from nature and these skills continue to unfold over our lifetime

The weekend will be camping in our Sussex woodland and the majority of the food will be provided. Please bring snacks and let us know of any food allergies.  We encourage full participation with all activities and ask for some assistance with basic food preparation and camp duties.

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