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Coming home to the Earth

At last we can meet in the woods again as the restrictions of the Covid 19 pandemic are starting to ease.

It has been a struggle for everyone, confined in our homes with little to do. Perhaps with the forced introspection we have strengthened our direction and purpose. Or perhaps the focusing in on ourselves has exacerbated our feelings of fear and polarisation. Maybe we had a burst of creativity or fell in to difficult habits.

The one thing that it seems we can agree on is how when it was all getting a bit too much if we went outside in to nature we felt better. It may have just been going in to our garden or a local park but the green space did us a power of good. The initial silence and stopping of the first lock down was a revelation. Birdsong filled the city streets and nature seemed to breath a sigh of relief filling the gaps we humans had left.

The Yale school of the Environment refer to a university of Exeter study showing the effects of time in nature and the healing benefits for humans. Concluding that 2 hours in nature either all at once or spaced out over a week has significant healing effects across the board. Out of 20,000 people those who spent this time outdoors reported better health and better mental well being.

So spending a weekend in the woods with out screens could do wonders The wildcraft course can be a gentle healing and re-connection to the Earth, a reminder that we live here on this planet and how to deeply recharge in these challenging times. We can feel lost as we don't know how to find food water and medicine. From these simple practices we gain a deep sense of coming home. Felling at home wherever we are on the Earth.

We find that we can change our state to harmonise with the resonance of nature. With the ability to access this state even in the city, thus helping us to carry the calm with us back it to our lives.

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