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The Greatest Reason in The World To Start learning Tracking and Survival skills.

Tracking directly grows our awareness it reinstalls our curiosity about nature and life. We are introduced to the sacred questions that help us unravel the layers of mystery that a track can present. Helping us uncover the many physical characteristics and even reading the emotional state of the person or animal we are tracking. It is a way of reading one of the languages of nature. Once we have the basic framework we can then apply these skills to any situation that arises in our life.

Tracking ignites our curiosity and curiosity is one of the doorways to the flow state. Curiosity brings us into the present moment and has no end point, thus drawing us into a quality of engagement with the world.

We ask the question, “What happened here?” the first sacred question of tracking. At once we are on a quest. When we dismantle the word “Question” we get: Quest I on. It is through the questions we ask of life that we discover its mysteries. This principle operates in all spheres from science to the arts.

If this was not reason enough to start our learning journey, as our engagement with nature develops we find we are coming home to the Earth. Learning how to build a shelter, make a fire, forage for food and find water bring us closer to nature. We start to feel the connection our ancestors felt, a true sense of home where ever we stand.

When I first learned these skills over 25 years ago I felt this sense of home for the first time. It felt like a healing of all the disconnection I had experienced, a real rewilding of the self; digging clay from the ground to make pots, fashioning tools from stone, making baskets from bark and conjuring fire from just dead sticks.

The final reason and perhaps the most poignant, especially in these disturbing times, is that this knowledge could save your life. Just knowing the sacred order of survival will increase your chances of survival in any difficult situation.

Above I have listed the survival priorities but not in the correct order can you figure out the sacred order of survival? Send an email with your answer to with ‘sacred order of survival’ in the title to have your answer verified. You can also join us for short introductory weekend programs and immersive training contact:

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