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How To Survive If Stranded In A Blizzard!

With all this incredibly cold and snowy weather we’ve been facing over the last few weeks, it’d be no surprise if lots of you out there have been considering booking yourself on survival training in the UK right now.

And all these terrible conditions have got us here at Trackways to thinking – would you know what to do if you suddenly found yourself stuck in a blizzard?

Of course, you can’t always predict these things and sometimes bad weather can come down upon us very quickly indeed, at quite a terrifying pace. One moment you’re enjoying a lovely walk in the countryside, the next you can’t even see five feet in front of your face.

Though there are some interesting weather omens that for tell the coming of snow. One that I have witnessed recently is that if there is a ring around the moon it will snow or rain heavily three days after. I saw this omen on Tuesday night 27th March so by Friday we will see the outcome.

This is why it’s vital that if you do know you’re going somewhere out and about that you make sure you pack and dress appropriately, just in case something does happen weather-wise. Naturally, what you pack and what you wear will depend on the time of year but if you do decide to go on a trek during the winter (and even early spring, apparently!) you should be prepared for a bit of snow.

Always check the weather reports before going anywhere. Always wear layers and appropriate footwear, and make sure that you keep yourself hydrated. If you’re dehydrated, you’ll be more likely to get hypothermia and frostbite, and it can also affect your decision-making abilities.

You can eat snow if you are feeling thirsty but try to melt it first as eating it can lower your core body temperature, which can be dangerous.

Your choice of clothing is your primary shelter and shelter is the first survival priority. Wool will retain its thermal value when wet so is a superior choice to cotton. It also wicks moisture away and does not smell bad even if worn for long periods.

Against the skin, Merino wool is very comfortable as it is very fine. Getting out of the wind and weather should be the number one priority. I personally prefer to wear wool layers all the time.

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